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drabblequest's Journal

8 August 1984
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Who are you?

My name is Sean Mackinnon. I'm a graduate student in social psychology. You probably don't know me.

What is a drabble?

It's a 100-word story, excluding the one word title. So I guess it's a 101 word story. At any rate, some folks take the definition of drabble very seriously. Some don't.

What is this journal about?

I like writing, but as of late, I haven't been writing very much. So, to stimulate my creativity, I decided to write a 100-word story once per day and post it here. Even with my short attention span, I can manage 100 words at a time.

This isn't new! You're a big copycat!

Yes, this idea is shamelessly stolen from Ommatidia, though I believe daily drabbles originated with the good folks at 100 Words. Or not. I'm no Internet historian. I just think it's a good idea, so I'm copying it. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Have you written anything, you know, longer?

You can check out my Elfwood library, though it has been shamefully neglected for some time now. I have a few other pieces on my hard-drive too. If you want to swap stories, send me an email at: mackinnon.sean(#AT#)gmail.com